29 Sept - 01 Oct 2015 - This is Fur


This is Fur event was organized by Fur Europe in one of the highest traffic areas of the European Parliament in Brussels. A presentation booth was set-up, which contained the most important information about the fur industry in Europe. During three days, Fur Europe’s members attended the event and had meetings with several political personas, with the purpose of raising awareness about the positive economic impact of the fur industry at both national and European level. AGFCICR’s delegation attended meetings with two of Romania’s representatives in the European Parliament, MEP Maria Grapini and MEP Claudia Tapardel, who have shown their support in solving the problems faced by the Romanian fur industry.

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10 May 2014 - Open Farm Event

Open Farm Event



May 2014


Open Farms






The General Association of Chinchilla Breeders and Small Farmers in Romania (AGFCICR) organized the Open Farm Event 2014. This was the first event of the kind in Romania and the largest event of the Fur Sector in Eastern Europe in 2014. Over 600 visitors were welcomed inside the 6 farms opened for the public throughout the country, in the counties Cluj, Bacău, Neamț, Harghita, Alba and Ilfov.

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26 April 2014 - AGM - Annual General Meeting of AGFCICR

AGFCICR’s Annual General Meeting takes place during the first quarter of each year. All the chinchilla breeders who are members of AGFCICR are invited to this meeting in order to:

  • get informed regarding the trends of the fur markets worldwide
  • receive the newest information provided by Fur Europe, including Fur Europe’s strategy for the following year
  • gain knowledge about the political updates on fur breeding from the Fur Europe member countries
  • discuss the actions undertaken by the Association during the past year
  • agree on the Events and Actions Calendar for the following year


14-16 April 2014 - AGM FurEurope

The Annual General Meeting of Fur Europe takes place every year, during spring. The purpose of the meeting is to create a liaison between the members of Fur Europe throughout the entire Fur Value Chain. AGFCICR  sends a delegation to represent our Association at Fur Europe’s AGM every year. The AGFCICR members who attend the AGM pass on the information and insight gained during the meeting, to make sure all the members of the association benefit from this action.

Each AGM starts with a plenary meeting, where Fur Europe Executive Team present their activity for the past year and the financial information for the future year. The plenary meeting is followed by smaller meetings, called focus-groups, where members discuss and identify solutions to their common or similar problems.



4-7 March 2014 - MiFur - Milano Fur Fair



The Milan Fur Fair – MiFur – is one of the most important events in the fur industry and takes place every year in Milan, Italy. MiFur gathers the greatest names in each values chain activity, from fur farmers to designers. This event creates the ground for the development of a strong network between the fur sector’s actors.

AGFCICR’s members visit MiFur every year to find out the latest information on chinchilla breeding, to keep informed about the market trends and to keep in touch with the most important chinchilla fur traders.

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