Want to start a chinchilla business? Check the credibility of your collaborators!

Business ethics is based on honesty, openness, respecting promises and being able to function efficiently on the market while respecting the legislation, the rules and the business traditions of a country.

In order to decide who will be your business partners you need to take into account three variables: the experience, the competence and the credibility of these potential partners. These factors will determine the success of your business.

We strongly recommend you not to buy reproduction chinchilla animals unless they are accompanied by an Evaluation Certificate. A collaboration contract and detailed information about how you can sell your products are also strongly advised.
When you decide to start a chinchilla business, you need to ask yourself  the following information about the farmer you are buying the animals from:


• For how long have they been working in the field?

• What is the average price/animal the farmer gets when selling chinchilla for fur?

• What is the number of cubs/year produced by the chinchillas in the seller’s farm?

• What are the breeding standards the seller implements and respects in their farm?

• What is the quality assessment score of the animals the seller is offering you?

• In which national or international chinchilla breeding organization is the seller a member?

The answer to these questions can help you make an informed decision about your potential collaborators. You can read more about performance in the chinchilla breeding business in the below sections.
The Code of Best Practice in Chinchilla Breeding is a standard developed in collaboration with several experienced breeders throughout Europe, with the support of Fur Europe. This standard was adopted by AGFCICR in 2012 and has been since implemented in the farms of most of our members. You can check out the Code of Best Practice aici.

Ensuring an environment which meets the needs of the animals at the highest degree possible is an important condition in getting superior production results.

Essential information in chinchilla breeding:


•Gestation period: 111 days

• Number of births: 2-3/year/female

• Birth index: 1-7 cubs/female/parturition

• 1 chinchilla family: 4-20 females+ 1 male

• First fur ripening: around 8 months

Economic data about chinchilla fur (2012)


• Chinchilla demand worldwide: ~350.000 pieces/year

• Dressed chinchilla production worldwide: 250.000 pieces/year

• Chinchilla fur production within AGFCICR: 15.000 pieces/year

• Average sell price of a chinchilla fur in Romania: 25 Euro

• Expenses for breeding a chinchilla until the fur is ripe: 10-15 Euro